City Tour Together with Luxxan in Qingdao

2016-09-01 15:06:00

Lying across the Shandong Peninsula and looking out to the Yellow Sea, Qingdao is among the most beautiful cities in China.

drivemaster held the  3rd Global Partner Conference, we invited all the partners to have a city tour around Qingdao City. With the nice weather during the end of summer in Qingdao, walking along the street of Eight Great Passes is a enjoy of the life, especially with beauties.

Behind the partners, you will have a good view of the yellow sea. All the partners are willing to sit on the same boat, cross the ocean and achieve the target.

During the city tour, the partners stopped to have a rest and enjoy a cup of coffee. And they talked to each other & shared experience with each other during the break.

After the city tour, the partners went to Qingdao Beer Museum for a visit. As the saying goes, less than the Great Wall of non hero. Since it came to Qingdao Beer Museum, having a glass of Tsingtao Beer is a must. You can taste the flavor of Qingdao, even decades of years ago, back to the time when the Germans were here. Now things changed and become better. Cheers with the world!

Two days later, the Luxxan team together with all the partners arranged a tour to the famous cultural mountain of Laoshan.


During the trip, the partners helped & talked with each other, which follows the saying that holds your hand and grow together with you.